Growing a new kind of salad

We're a Sheffield-based indoor farm growing salad in an innovative way that is good for people and the planet.


What makes us future?

Local, year-round

Sheffield-grown, no matter the season

Fresh for longer

We usually harvest and deliver to our stockists on the same day, giving our greens a longer shelf life

Pesticide free

We never use pesticides or  other nasty chemicals

Sustainably grown

We grow with less water, fertiliser and space than traditional farms



We founded Future Greens out of a passion for sustainability and a frustration with the salad status quo. Throughout the year, most salad you find in the store is imported from overseas, racking up food miles and spending days in transport. Not only does this result in worse flavour and nutritional content, but it spoils faster as well. No wonder 40% of all purchased bagged salad in the UK is thrown away, amounting to 37.000 tonnes of food waste a year.

Future Greens is our way of using technology and innovation to address the glaring issues in our food system by making fresh, local produce more accessible to everyone.

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Baby leaf

Versatile staples that need no introduction.

It's like the stuff you get at a supermarket, but fresher and pesticide-free.


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Tiny, tasty, edible versions of crops like Brocolli, Red Cabbage, and Mustard grown for about 14 days. An easy way to add some exciting flavours and colours to your plate.



Our salads and microgreens are available through:



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